This just makes me smile!
Master D showing me his pose.
The war of the boat. The girls had it 90% of the time until I told them to give the boys a chance. It only took them minutes for regain ownership of the boat. So whose the superior species!
On your marks... get set...
Boys boys boys~
It was so great to have lots of girls there too.
The beautiful Miss J is a massive Euan favourite. She's not a precious girl and gets stuck in with the boys.
Master H using the skim board.
Defending the boat got vicious.
Yes lovely ones, you got the boat back!
Euan looks for an opportunity to jump on the boat again.
All the boys have is the defective boat with no bottom!
Yes Euan, think about you can see he has a scratch across his stomach already!
He's going for it.....
Miss V is almost as tall as me.
Moi watching the kids in the pool. I had about 5 adults just watching for trouble.
Other motley crew arrive. Master E and Master N arrive and join the boat crusade. It still didn't help!
Mum gets an opportunity to meet all my friends.
Laura having a giggle... probably at the failure of the boys to beat the girls.
Waterproof camera given to the girls- they shot Master E trying to board the boat.
Brown eyed girl
My favourite pocket rocket arrives...
Lovely Miss J!
I could tell instantly that this was Miss V from her eye colour.
Euan has been friends with this one since Kindy. Such a gorgeous lad.
Master O joined the school late last year. Fitted in straight away like he was always there.
This one makes me laugh. Miss V and my num and Gen having a natter in the background.
Master R... which I knew who he was sticking his tongue out at!
Sausage sizzle time.
And a chance for some trampoline basketball.
Mum helps the kids dry off.
The Den.
And the AMAZING cake. WOW. Awesome.
Euan immediately eats an arm!
I love this one because Master D is in the background with arm up... ME PLEASE!
Euan dancing on Neils lap- 'I don't care...I love it... I don't care'
Our little lads having a laugh
Giggle boys.
Having a girl cuddle.