Arrived at Hillaries and put our 7 pieces of luggage in the cage!
Before we set sail!
On the boat!
Bye bye Hillaries
Arrived to a sunny Rottnest.
The kids
Kid frenzy
Moi selfie
Dome for brunch when we arrived. 5
Mark and Neil enjoying the April sun
The harbour
Euan was so excited to meet a Quokka.
Yellow red yellow red yellow red
Dont know why I like this, but I do!
Trying to teach the boys how to play table tennis. I failed!
Wendy Woo and Lulooo
Our boat!
Went a bit arty!
Walking up the beach.
The sun is going down.
Off for a little walk as the sun slowly sets.
Bit of rock climbing.
Wendy and Josie doing a mad panoramic photo.
Intrepid explorers!
Ship wrecked and abandoned.
The boys are playing Lab Rats... there are no rules, just a lot of running, and wrestling.
Euan does a run into the sea.
Shadow selfie