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My gorgeous Deeco the Destroyer. A definate special needs dog.

The Spring flowers that are literally popping up everywhere.

Deeco having a mad 5 minutes.

He's so glumsy looking.

I never thought I would have a cat I loved as much as Spigot but honestly Digot is just the most gorgeous cat.

Me, photographing the Town of Bassendean Art Awards.

Fluffy Digot and Spagot!

Brown boy.

Rugby Lightning Carnival against Wesley (I think). They were put in A grade, B grade etc. Euan was in B but honestly they were rubbish. They didnt know what they were doing until Mr Budler explained the rules to them! The A grade on the other hand were awesome and completely abliterated Wesley.

Euan really struggling to keep up physically, but we are so proud that he gives it his all.

September always means Dads Big Breakfast at school. Wear your footy colours or in Euan's case- he started with an Ice Hockey top, with Arsenal away kit underneath with Canada/ USA ice hockey cap.

God I love these boys.