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February 2015- The Maze

A well needed day out to The Maze. I havent been here for years and wow its changed.

The new water play area- great fun but looking forward to their being more.

Euans spacky footprint!

Chilling in the sun. Much cooler day but lovely in the sun.

Silly boys. Euan is a midgit compaired to giant Ryder.

Gave Ryder the water proof camera to go and have some fun with.

The water bucket tipping over.

Euan going down the slide.

Ryders feet on another slide.

Rainbow icecream for Rydups.

Little hard candys for Euan.

A game of crazy golf.

Ryder won but it was a close game.

Bouncing pillow


I have never ever seen a Koala awake. This one was leaning against a branch and chomping away. We couldnt believe he was awake!

My siluette.

A tyre maze- You had to get to the centre by using the sequence of Red, Yellow, Blue. It was great fun.

Ryder and Gen

Euan particularly liked the rope maze. You attach yourself to one rope and find your way through the others.

Late afternoon we had to head to PMH for Euan's MRI. It took hours of waiting and we didnt get home til 9.30pm.

It was so late even Go Zone was closed.