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The Gouche comes to visit.

November 2014

Driving to the city to meet Kerry Goulet. Kerry is one of the nicest men I have ever met and since The International Ice Hockey he has done so much for Euan. He has organised ice hockey kit, he's organised for players to ring him on his birthday, and he has really made such an impact on both Euan and us as a family. He was visiting from Canada so we went out to dinner.

Met Kerry at his hotel and he had bought Euan a Goalie kit. Euan was finding the ice skating part of ice hockey a bit of a challenge so he discovered that he could play goalie really well. Kerry got the entire kit for Euan.

The NHLPA Goals and Dreams really do make dreams come true.

Euan and Kerry!

Kerry's bit of bling.

We went to dinner and it was such a lovely evening. Great food and great company. Here is Kerry testing Euan on all the Captains of different Ice hockey teams. Neil and I were shocked that Euan knew them all. We asked later how he knew them all and he said 'Youtube'!!!

Love this picture.

Euan can not decide if he's 'for' Canada or 'for' USA.

Can't wait to see you when you are back next Kerry.

So Euan supports both!