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Busy November 2014

November is our busiest month of the year. Business is busy building up for Christmas, its the last month of the school year so it seems like its a rush to get everything done. And lots of parties as friends turn 10. Here are Euan and his friends at Lazer Corps.

Another day, another train.

Euan being fitted for a new wheelchair. This is a sample.

No booze in the house means Grand Marnier is my only option!

Euan gets hold of my phone and takes about 500 photos of himself!

I had a fall on a photo job. I had to save my camera so I landed on my elbow. And wow did it hurt! I pretended it didnt so the lovely family I was shooting werent worried but there were points where I thought I would faint through pain.

A bit of Mary Poppins acts as a good spoonful of sugar!

Euan's friend scrabble on the fridge.

Had a meeting with Ama Lisa to go through Euans baptism and Welcome to Holy Communion. It was lovely to see the chapel empty and atmospheric.

All the house ties of GGS senior.

Neil is raising money for Movember.

Selfie as we got to Euan's baptism.

End of the Ice Hockey Season and Euan is award a medal. He's so pleased with it.

Euan needed an iron infusion. It didnt take very long and Euan got the day off school so he was pleased!

Big Head Deeco.

You have to be careful when you kiss him because he often turns his head to give you a little nip. Its annoying but its just because he wants to put literally everything in his mouth.

Blaze's new joey... Comet.

Spagetti Arms...Come here lover boy! Oh Lover boy!