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End of the School holidays

All of Euan's new pins now safety on his medal lanyard. Over Christmas he got a few ice hockey ones, arsenal, and Mockingjay.

Goalie was his favourite.

Diggy really knows how to relax.

Gait clinic. Skins on, stickers in place... here he goes.

Euan looks good walking for the first 2 mins. He is pretty straight. Then he very quickly becomes crouched, and fatigued. Its very frustrating.

Ethan his best friend comes over.

They are such gorgeous boys.

Another one of my gorgeous boys!

I was lucky enough to have great friends to lend me a vehicle whist Neil was away riding. Went up to the farm to pick the ute up. These sheep made me laugh.

I got to drive a proper ozzie ute for a few days. It had a gear stick you pull out of the dash, and seat belts that were just there for show, but it got me where I needed to go... well it only just got up the hill on red!!!

Scuba face.

Euan loves Deeco so much. Deeco loves Euan so much.

Catching balls... or trying anyway!

Deeco the destroyer in action. A pillow has died :(

So pleased with himself.

Just a few Mentos packets collected whilst they had a competition. Over the course of this competition we won 8 times- that amounted to $80!

On my own so had a Daddy dinner- egg, chips and beans. Yummy.

Feet and legs.

Australia Day and was shooting the celebrations for the Town of Bassendean.

I have always loved the colour of the fairground.

Neil come from work and gets a greating from mammoth dog Deeco.

Its hard to work when there's a thunder storm. Spag sprawled on the desk and....

Deeco on my lap (he is terrified of thunder and just had to get on my lap.

Perth Mountain Bike Collective- Neil was nominated as Vice President.

It was a hot night on Perth foreshores.

Absolutely amazing sunset.

Elliott comes to visit...