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February and a bit of March 15 iphone pics

Brown eyes

Horrid storms meant power cut. We can not survive without internet so we suffered big time.

Spag ruining my plant and Diggy thinking of how he can join in.

This is the face of a killer....

Optician gave Euan this.... we had to laugh.

I love a good inversion.

Beautiful wet dog.

Designer Spag scarf.

Euan's continued selective eating meant I could enter the Mentos competition numerous times. I won $80 in the end.

Miss Laura J's new bird.

A bit of Parachute fun in the garden.

Deeco really loves Kerry.

Deeco also really loves toys, cushions, pillows... anything with fluff in.

A new addition to Euan's 5 foods is cheese on his pizza. I was doing one of those internal happy dances.

My Mum drew these for Euan for Christmas. Aren't they brilliant.

Shes a clever lady!

Tiredness is Euan's nemesis.

On the other hand Spag seems to embrace his urge to sleep.

Summer wind brought down a tree.

Slut cat showing his bits off and willing Deeco to come and lick him.

Taking a huge risk with this photo as Deeco has a tendency to nip your face.

School looking great.

It may be 40degrees but there is no way I go anywhere in the Australia Bush without my trusty welly boots.

Our legs.

Our shadows. Deeco looks weird.