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September 2015
September stuff - mostly selfies of me! Ha ha ha ha!

Selfie 1.

Ice hockey with Master D. and Euan.

Selfie 2

Selfie 3- preparing for Movember.

Deeco frightened me to death by getting this stuck around his jaw. I just couldnt get the bloody thing off. It was really frightening but eventually managed to ease it off.

Football party.

Selfie 4

Deeco and Euan. Deeco is now bigger than Euan.

Selfie 5- merging with the wall paper.

Not a selfie but one of me at the Arts High tea at GGS.

Selfie 6 (is it??? Thats awful that I took so many selfies in September... Selfie September it should be called!)


Lovely Sherilee and Miss M.

My cuddle babies.

Sooooo yummy.

Diggy is malting.

My hair is getting longer.

Laura's little Piggy