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Misc March 15

Dog and Euan having a cuddle

Half on half off

Welcome bbq at school

Some of Euans pals.

March saw our gorgeous friends Kerry and Toni come to visit.

Bringing Hockey stuff for Euan

Deeco is the whimpiest dog ever... he was scared of the hammock for a while but with some help we managed to get him in!

Mango chutney cooking

Enjoying a summer evening with my Euan

School in the morning for 4 Square.

Euan gets a Commendation

His best friends.

So lucky to be surrounded by people who really care and enjoy Euans company.

They are all pretty silly though!

One of Euan's class mates bags... apprently it got run over!

Summer rain

Bags Bags and more Bag

Silly dog and his undercoat

Growth study which happens overnight. They put a canula in his arm and draw blood every 20 mins throughout the night. His canula took 5 attempts to get in, and then didnt draw blood very well so it was a pretty restless night.

Chips always keep Euan happy.

Radio Lollypop with his mate Cooper.

Up and out of hospital early for casting for AFOs in Joondalup. First stop is Dome.

Then a reward- 4 new Vinyl pop figures. John Snow, Hannibal Lector, Sharknado and Robo Cop

Completely exhausted

His new pals come to stay.

Showing off my new cheap as chips shoes

They are fluffy!

Euan has a new goalie helmet

And I have a new car!!!!!!

Its bloody gorgeous!

Buddy boy
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