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School holidays
April 2015 - PART 2

Deeco just had a bath.

Down at Hillaries to meet The Robsons

My favourite boys

After a play at the Great Escape we went to a Churro place

Corretta and I obstained!

Botox seems to come round so quickly

Then a flu jab for Euan. It was so funny to hear them in the doctors discussing the different diseases.

Roast Chicken dinner. Euan loves my roast potatos.

Rydups loves it all!

So does Deeco by the way~

Diggy cuddles

Such a beautiful cat.

Deeco is huge!
And licky!

Ethan came to stay over.

Watching movies.

Bacon sandwiches for breakfast.
Looked after Cooper one morning. Euan had started an outfit trend.

Cuddles with Deeco

Yes Elliott is catching me up... but as I say to Euan's friends... its not difficult to be as tall as me!

Ridem cowboy

Frazzle messing with my phone!

Ying Yang cats

Home made birthday card

Cinema trip with Caleb

When we went for a drive to see the fire.

All the people Euan has seen over the holidays.

A lovely bunch of flowers from Neil.
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