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Cross Country
May 2015

Lovely Laura and the even more gorgeous Rufus

The start of the race. I couldn't believe he got Mr E to do up his shoe laces!!!

A little prayer!

And they are off.

North trying to push through

Euan gives me a grin.

Nearing the end. This years Cross Country was a real struggle for him. In previous years his ability to deal with the pain that all children feel during the cross country was to his advantage but his legs have got so fatigued that this year he was more at the end of the pack.

I could not have been prouder for Euan continuing to have a go.

The best bit was that North won overall. North never wins anything. Literally nothing. Its got so depressing that North parents give extra 5c's (for 5 for the future where each house raises money) so at least North can win for being most charitable.
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