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May School Holidays

This little winter robin likes the mirror on Neils van. Likes shitting everywhere too!

Gorgeous Deeco having a nice stretch.

Diggy gazes at the world on top of Sirloin.

Euan has no motivation left for Ice hockey. Such a shame. He says it hurts, and he gets so cold.

A friend of mine found an article of myself and my best friend Holly holding this mug.... see below.

Yes cute little things.

Yes its hard to believe that I aspired to being an actress. You know how introverted I am!

My fav coffee house... The Crooked Spire.

One tissue One wipe for Euans May cold

My gorgeous mothers day braclet.

Everyone has a go at my glasses...very fashionable when I was 12!

Lauren... well she looks amazing in these!

Toothless Ann.... she looks like a nutter

Kerry looks like the the Divination teacher in Harry Potty

Lauren gets to know Deeco...

Deeco gets to know Lauren....

Love that series of photos

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