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Chip Story- 2004 to 2015
Most people will know the struggle Euan has had with eating. He was born with a deformed oesphagus and has severe problems with reflux and oesphageal mobility. He is disgusted by lots of food, whether it be the way it looks or the way it smells. But chips have been a constant for him. I thank God for chips. Full of stuff he needs to keep going- calories, salt, even a few vitamins if cooked yourself in minimal fat. The point I am making is it is food. Any food is better than no food, and potatoes are better than loads of other foods. So therefore I shall celebrate the chip. And you are pretty much guaranteed to be able to get chips in any country across the world. Therefore I have taken a few chip shots. Enjoy.

2006- Marwell Zoo, England

2007- Toddler Town, Morley, WA- with Millie

2006 -McDonalds, Sommerville Waters, Wanneroo, WA

Sharkies, Hillaries Boat Harbour, WA- Grandad, Biz, Neil and me.

2009 - Char Char Bulls- Fremantle, WA- with Nanny, Simon, Hannah and Andy

2010- Bad Chips- Sandalford Winery, WA- With Mel, Matt and Cameron.

2010- Bad Chips, Feral Brewery, Baskerville, WA

October 2015- with the Robsons and Grandad and Biz at Hillaries, WA

December 2014- McDonalds next to The Shard, with Grandad, Biz and Fairy.

2009- Elstead Mill, England with Grandad, Biz and Neil.

2011- McDonalds Midland, WA with Evan

2010- The Breakwater, Hillaries Boat Harbour, WA with Nanny, Mel, Matt and Cameron

2014- Christmas in Nannys Front Dining room, England.

2012- Swanage, England with Sarah, Grandad, Biz and me (Neil was back in Poole sick ;( )

Cant remember the year- with Caleb, at Duckstein Brewery, Down South, WA

Nov 2011-St John of God Hospital after his bilaterial calf lengthening- with me

He would leave the ends as they hurt his throat.


Mummy perfect chips.



October 2010- Shangri-La, Singapore, by the pool.

April 2010- at Mash Brewery, Swan Valley, with Sarah, Neil and I.

My Birthday 2015- with the Robsons in Brigadoon.

December 2010 with Mel, Matt and Cameron, on Dunsborough Beach

From Fish and Chip shop in Dunsborough town centre- apprently the best F & C in WA

March 2012, on Mindarie Beach with Mel, Matt, Cameron and Neil of course.

June 2010- Arulen Park, and a missing tooth, with Grandad and Grandma, Kerry, Ethan and Lauren, Amanda, Freya and Jordan, and Neil and I.

July 2011- Lego Land, Windsor, UK

Legoland again.

July 2011- Cafe in London with Nanny.

August 2012- Poole, UK

August 2012- Dome Ellenbrook, WA

March 2012- Cottesloe, WA with Ethan G, Neil and I.

October 2012- The Brooke, Ellenbrook, WA with Chris, Sarah, Grandma and Grandad, Kerry, Ethan and Lauren.

2011- My Chips

November 2012- Chesters, Swan Valley with Mel, Matt and Cameron.

October 2015- Cable Beach Resort- with Grandad, Biz, Neil and I.

December 2012- Kalbarri, WA

April 2011- Fremantle with Ethan and Kerry.

Feb 2013- My chips

October 2015- Whiteman Park with the Robsons

March 2013- at The Hall Residence, Mindarie.

April 2013, Airport McDonalds, Hong Kong

2014- Fit Chips Midland, WA

Euans birthday 2011- Fun Factory, Midland, WA

2014- Looks like Sharkies again at Hillaries, WA

October 2009- Kuala Lumpa

July 2012- Olympic Beach Volleyball, London, WA

wenlock enjoying the chips too.

August 2012- posh restaurant in Poole with Grandad and Biz

August 2012- McDonalds in Perth, WA

September 2012- Calebs party at Swan Leisure Centre, WA

March 2013- Freo Festival, with Kerry, Ethan and Neil

April 2013- Bubba Gump, at The Peak, Hong Kong

April 2013- McDonalds Hong Kong

April 2013- out for dinner on the front, Hong Kong

Aril 2013- More chips, another McDonalds in Hong Kong.

Aberdeen, Hong Kong

October 2013- OMG Sharkies again!!!!

This is Freo again, but have no idea what year.

March 2014 with Rydups, Brigadoon

December 2011- the Shangri-La Pool, with Grandad and Biz

Euan states that the Shangri-La Chips are the best bought chips in the world. He says my homemade beat them by miles thought.

December 2012- Kalbarri, WA

December 2009-Whitfords Christmas Party with Ethan.
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