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MISC June 2015

This event never happened btw but I have a few photos to prove that it did exist. And it was a bloody great night of Bogan Bingo. I honestly had a fantastic time. Such a laugh but it was hugely inappropriate.

I won the best Bogan competition.

Euan looking a bit miserable at the start of school. Last days of his old wheelchair too.

Dog walk with Deeco in Brigadoon. House is just about to go on the market. So sad but exciting too.

Euan is always starving when I pick him up. Donut or Donalds (McDonalds) is always the key.

Spag is huge.

We call him Slut cat (the only time Euan is allowed to use this word is in reference to Spag rolling over and showing us his fluffy bits)
My fav trendy cafe... the Crooked Spire in Midland.

Movie time for Euan and myself

A random pic of my Dad with Sarah and I.
This one was before I was born... Sarah and Sharon maybe?

New wheelchair. With the most epic wheelcovers designed by myself.

Euan got the peace sign the wrong way round. Oh dear

New hair cut thanks to Dawn.

love my fringe.
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