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July Misc

Euan got Head of Prep again at school. Couldn't be prouder of the lad.

He really does give 110% effort at school. A lot less at home btw!!!

Euan see's this dog in Kmart. He loves it and desperately wanted this for his birthday.

Shortly after my gorgeous friend Danielle arrived with her beautiful daugher Luella. Danielle encouraged Luella to go in the cage containing the fluffy dogs... hense photo. But not only did the cage fall apart but the shelf above with a rocking horse on also collapsed. Euan and Zane did a runner and hid in the DVD section. All the staff came running almost apologetic even though it was totally Danielle's fault for encouraging her poor helpless child into a dangerous cage, all for a photo opportunity!!!!!! (photo by Danielle G).

Horse dog.

We are putting our house on the market and had to do a huge office tidy-up. Cats found a box each to help.

Dog wants to get in box too but forgets he is a huge.

Beautiful fluffy boy.

Office all ready for offical house photos.

Our first house viewing so we were required to leave, with scared dog, so we went to The Feral. Lots of Geese.

Euan's food of the moment. He loves bombay mix, but only the long cracker bits. I love the peanuts, as do Neil so when Euan i done picking out all the yellow bits I then had to pick out the peanuts and chucked the dried peas away.

Euan has also had a room make over.

Not sure what expression that is!

Took Ryder and Euan to the cinema.

Hospital appt- pre-botox I think.

Handsome boy enjoying a McDonalds


Euan sandwich.

How big are Spags paws!!!!

Master E comes to visit Euan.

Lovely boys
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