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Christmas 2015

Christmas Eve and we went to Adventure World with the Halls. Behind us is the now abandoned Bungee West which we went on 15 years ago.

Euan and his friend Caleb. Such good pals.

Went on this silly cycling ride- caught up with Euan in a second which was really funny.

Christmas Eve and Blackadder Christmas Special is on tv.

Christmas morning and Santa bought brains

And a sausage dog for Euan

His fav present from Caleb.

The Oz family arrive. Frazzle looking lovely.

Gorgeous Lauren.

Jordan enjoying a Pimms

Present time

Mini Cricket.

Kerry's new puppy- Archie.

Deeco got locked away as he is just too big for Archie.

Ann looking pretty!

Jordan passed out exhausted.

Frazzle tries on the brains.

Euan shows off his very strange dancing.

Amanda looking lovely
Chris... wearing my Time Turner btw
Sore eyes from pool

End of day and have to get rid of the ice bucket.


Straight in the warm pool
Come on Kerry... give him a kiss.

Euan got Facebook Fox from Grandad in England. Euan loves him.

Five Things I like
Almost as much as Riding my bike.
1. Looking at my bike
2. Talking about my bike
3. Watching television programmes that feature people riding bikes
4. Websites about bikes
5. Bacon

Brilliant mug from Dad. Neil has declared it his favourite.

pin art Jordan.
Playing Walnuts in the afternoon.

Facetiming Corretta in the evening and noticed the mirror behind had formed a very attractive crown!

Euan with his pixel glasses.