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Camp August 2015

Camp this year falls on Euan's 11th birthday. So I baked cakes for the entire year group.

Neil and I were up til God knows decorating the bloody things!

Timmy all ready for his next adventure.

Arrive at school to a mass of excited, and some a bit nervous kids.

These are photos that arrived home after camp. First day and as it was Euan's birthday he got to do the flying fox first.

Evening and Onesie on, he gets his birthday cake and candle.
Think they must be singing Happy Brithday here.

Euan celebrates his birthday with his best mates.
Next day looks like team games.

Kite making....
And flying!

Talent show in the evening...The Derek show... apparently it was crap. 2 star crap.

He even had a go at Rope Climbing. He said it was really hard!
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