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Things that happened in August 2015

Blaze is growing a joey. We havent seen the joey yet but we have named him/her Titan.

Blaze enjoys a banana.
Daffs are out.

And for the first time we have lemons!

Deeco watches on confused as to why he cant come with me.
Another kangaroo and her joeys legs protuding out the pouch.

PMH outpatient waiting room. A boring place to be.

Chips make it better afterwards and as it took so bloody long he gets the day off school.

Yes I am a Wally.

Make food for Neil to take for the Cape to Cape.

Evening cuddles with Diggy.

Think I am giving Euan an Angel.

Evening cuddles with mum.
He still hates kisses. He wipes them off even if he is fast asleep! Yet he lets the dog lick his face!

Winter food is chip butty.
Sleep snozz

So comfy.

A bit of evening sparkler action.

I will miss this view.
School reaches the ultimate final for AFL. Its a big deal apprently so went down to watch.

Everyone was there to support.
Although we didnt stay the entire match I followed it on Twitter... and they won!

PMH again for botox.
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