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October Stuff 2015
October is still chilly. Euan sits in his favourite spot on the sofa and is joined by Dig.

As we are selling our house we had to take Deeco in the ute down to the Feral. He was very popular.
My fav coffee spot... The Crooked Spire in Midland.

Yes a splinter caused this... well a splinter caused a cyst which had to be removed.

My gorgeously gorgous new shoes. Love that I can fit into kids shoes.

Fathers day Breakfast.

Sorry I cant stop taking photos of my shoes.
Handsome Deeco.
Now the house is on the market I cant stop appreciating it. The Spring sun setting through the trees. I will miss that.

Trampoline fun. Think we are wrestling.
Following Spag around the garden. His winter coat is magnificent.

Big yawn Spag.

He's not fat.... just fluffy!


We both looked up at the same time to see the same Kookaburra fly over.
Euan goes to visit Master C. Funny boys.

My self seeded flowers look lovely.
Veggie patch looking ok for buyers. It wont last before the rabbits, of the parrotts, or the dog or the insects eat it all.
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