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October Stuff 2015- page 2

I stupidly got sucked into the T25 fitness advert on tv. This was after the first session.

PMH appt. I like this photo. No idea why but it kind of sums up Euan.

Bounce boys.

Cuddles with cats
School hols and minecraft camp for Euan and Caleb.
Yes my son decides he is going to wear his clown glasses.

New dress... but no where to wear it!
Deeco the master of sleeping.

Wet hair means Diggy wrestles.

Taking new shoes to the grass tennis courts to watch Euan.
The round-about at the top of the hill was graffiti'd. Had to stop and take pics for the police but like this one and the view.
Spring sun and spag fluff.
I Biased of course but handsome fella
End of winter means Spag looses his coat.

Just a bit of hair.


I cant remember where this was... I think Taylors. But how pretty!
C2C preparations.

New glasses for me.

Bout boy.

In the new school buildings. Euan looking proud.
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