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November 2015
My gorgeous Deeco.
November is always a weird month. Euans school finishes for summer break so early that they have to squeeze a lot of school in! The Christmas Carols happens late November, which is ridiculous but always a good evening.

Spagley Fluffyson.

Being eaten by Deeco.

See I am cooking Bacon... Deeco loves Bacon. He also loves Cheese.

Hope the egg carton will keep him distracted from the food.
Home work for Euan
Euan did this for Grandad and Biz in England. I think its brilliant.
Yes I do love my dog.
Building up to moving is so sad. You notice things more. Like the beautiful sky.
Master Z is over.
FIFA time in the den of doom!
Sleeping... with Spigot inbetween.
Whiteman park for a play.

Yay! Chips
New school building opens. Massively stressful for Euan as it wasnt the most easy transition for a wheelchair. School where great though and have since ironed out any difficulties.
It was quite a hot day and the poor kids were baking!

Chilled out dog.

What kind of face is that Deeco!
School, and in fact life gets exhausting for Euan.
Titan says hi.

Im growing Christmas Lettice trees.

A few cheery tomatoes before they disappear down the darn rabbits throat!

Kissable nose.
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