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What Happened in January 2016

January was all about Archie! Deeco and Archie.

He is a tough little cookie.

But has learnt already that he is better to submit to Deeco.

Lots of mouthing.

Last month enjoying the pool for Ethan.

Yes you are have bright teeth!

Rose and Crown for dinner with the Camerons.

Us with a tired Euan.

Think Hamish is card counting!

Spags paws.

Wet kisses

Archie is so tiny

My Birthday and a parcel from Mum. Diggy took his opportunity to jump in.

Mum got me a Brownie!

Ethan came over for a play. They set up a camp in the garden.

Deeco smile

School books arrive for term start and turns out to be a great box for sitting in.