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Visit to Nanny with the white hair in Woodbridge- July 2016

Arrived in Woodbridge to meet Sarah a The Station House. Euan had some chips and I had some prawns!

We dashed to the corner shop where Sarah and I would go to buy our sweets when we stayed with Nanny and Grandad.

They still have a silly sweet section with Love Hearts and Canny Sticks.

Sarah does her business back at the hotel.

Off to see lovely Nanny.

Lots of stories to tell.

She hasnt really changed.

A slow walk down the corridor.

Something made Euan laugh.

Gorgeous gardens at Nanny's care home.

We found a toy shop in Woodbridge and purchased a ball.

We took Nanny for a walk around the garden, and we reminded her of poems Granddad used to tell, and we sang the tune for Walnuts.

Having a giggle.

See that cheeky grin of Nannys!

Sarah starts the entertainment.

See my fit mum on the right!

Time for tea and cakes.

Later in the afternoon we took a walk down by the river.

My Mum and my sis.

Euan practices his parkour.

The old wreck.

Out for dinner at The Coach and Horses.

Sarah had smoked fish. I had dressed crab which was gorgeous.

Silly Selfie before we left for the hotel. There we had a few games of cards and a weird game of Top Trumps.

Back to Nanny's in the morning to say goodbye.

Nanny Selfie!

Nanny had lots of photos in her room. One of Mum and Simon on their wedding day. Simon looks soooooo young! Nanny in red on the far right and Grandad in a cream jacket on the far left. Me bottom centre!

Yes me aged about 11 with St Nicks uniform on.
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