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Poole Weekend

First day- trip to the beach.

Looks mighty fine. But bloody hell it was sooooo windy.

Lovely pic of my dad

Sarah thinking about going in for a swim

Euan decides to dig a hole and bury his feet in

Yes she went in!

It was so windy I was using Dad as a wind sheild and Euan decided it was best to stay under a towel.

Later we went to the park where I thought it might be funny to throw a pinecone as Euan's back. But he turned around the moment I threw the cone (a bit hard too) and it struck him right in the mouth. Yes I cut his mouth open. He was pretty upset with me and later called me a witch!!!!

Sarah looks like a homeless person

Off to Swanage and a little walk

Amazing globe.

Dad getting cold in the wind!

Euan shows Australia

Amazing coast line

Off to the fair for some fun

Love this photo. Such fun
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