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Mum visit-March 16

My mum came to visit. On the day that she arrived there was a fire in Brigadoon so we were a bit concerned we wouldn't be able to get back in. Mum's visit was both perfect timing and bad timing as we were packing.

March wasn't a good month for me. After living in Brigadoon for 8 years our house had sold and we had to move out. We wanted this move, but we didn't know what the next stage was, except finding a rental for the time being. We panicked a bit and ended up in a rental in Aveley, which was the polar opposite to our house in Brigadoon. I was desperately hard moving. Really immensely stressful.

Here she comes!!!!

My Mum. She's the best.

First thing she said when she got home was that Deeco was fat. We set him on her!

Getting some loving.

A few kisses.

Wearing nanny's hat.

He looks huge sitting next to Mum.

I have no idea why mum tried this hat on and why she was doing the mock miserable face.... but its funny.

Dominos pizza is Euan's present food choice. Deeco loves the box.

Upper reach concert. Not there best concert but nice to spend time as a family.
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