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Op and dog smiles March 16

Euan has to have a muscle biopsy.

A pathologist came to the op to make sure enough muscle was taken. Apprently they dont do this very often on children because of the amount of muscle that needs to be taken.

Home and a bit sore.

We were desperate to see the scar!

At last they put a slope on the curb by the disabled bay so Euan can roll his wheelchair up.

Everyone needs home made chips now and then.

Sore leg but still time for the trampoline.

No idea why I took this photo but its always great to remember what his room looks like at each age.

Watching Sarahs movie suggestion... guess what it is?

Deeco smiles

Deeco being red riding hood.

Fires in Brigadoon... filling up at the lake near our house.

So exciting.

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