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I am now published! I wrote a post on facebook that got shared and shared and Mountain Bike Australia Magazine asked to publish it. I was so proud.

Enjoying the hard copy with a packet of Monster Munch and a cup of tea.

Now we have moved to the rental the cats spend a lot of time in the front bedroom, either looking out the window or lying in the sun.

So true.

Deeco completely zonked out from walkies.

For the first time in his life he is getting a daily walk. We never could in Brigadoon, partly because not needing too with having acreage but mostly because he would get so car sick.

The rental we are in is unfortunately up for sale. On a home open the selling agent told me there was a message left on the fridge... Euan doesn't want to move again!

School holidays so movies with E. Popcorn...

and Fit Chips

Silly boys.

I love walking round the lake.

Laura decides that as a generous friend she would give me a stick insect to look after. I set it free after a few days as think it was depressed.

Caleb and Euan having a Nandogs!

Euans most favorite place is Inflatable World. Just a place to be legitimately violent!

Cats are trying to cope with being House bound. They are not taking it well.

Dogs showing Deeco out to drink out of the water fountain...

Nope Deeco needs help.

The funniest thing happened. Deeco's lead got stuck in a lamp post. Kerry and I just could not get the darn thing out. I was laughing so much it hurt. In the end we had to accost a man running and he shoved it out.

My fuzzy happy dog

My favorite coffee house 'The Spire"

Relaxing in my very busy leggings.

Are you comfy Deeco?

Early morning walk in the rain

Euan had botox on the day of his school photo so I had to rush him back - as you can see a few drugs clearly helped his cheesy grin.

Home work helper... NOT
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