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Misc May 16

Still loving my favorite coffee house in Midland...

Except their table numbers... NO TO POLITICS!

Deeco is loving his walks.

Ha ha... Euan and Neil doing Angels

New dog park opens. Off the lead heaven but he shames me so often with his humping it makes it exhausting going there.

Euan seeing who is a potential recipient of the hump.

Its ok its Archie... Euan is happy to be restrained by him.

Euan is one of the only animals who does the obstacle course.

Except Archie who is a really clever dog.

I love this one of Euan and I.

Beautiful Spag with his long winter coat

Euan and Master Z down the dog park with some Beagles.

Facet timing Corretta and she shows me her 'Weight Waters before' photo.

Injection time so both cats squeeze into the carrier.

Unfortunately Spag got an allergic reaction to the injection.

I know it doesn't look much but the amount of hair he lost initially frightened me. Antibiotics and steroids helped clear it up.

Neil uses his tools to make Euan's crazy hair for 2016.

My master piece... bit heavy though!

All better and soaking up the sun.

Me... cold and trying to get in on the sun action.
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