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Its always good having a coach on the sidelines.

Spag has his winter coat

The most successful get together I have ever managed after all these years of being a Liaison Parent. It took a play date at Bounce during mid-term break. Massive turn out of kids and parents.

Deeco has brought so much joy to our house.
Unconditional love.

New house is soooooo cold!

Camouflage dog.

Roast potatoes, hats and gloves trying to keep warm.

Funny boy

Neil noticed a crack in the ceiling of our rental. Turns out it was a major building error and had to have the roof taken off. What a pain for me!

It produced this fine dust everywhere.

School disco. Flouro!

Dot restraining Deeco at the dog park in an attempt to stop him from humping her!

I emptied the vacuum cleaner and thought I might be getting a sore throat. 20mins later I was aware that my face felt funny. When I looked in the mirror I got a bit of a shock! Turns out I had an allergic reaction to something... who knows what... maybe the dust from the roof coming off!!!!

Not liking his photo being taken... so I force him! Ha ha ha!

No idea what these two are doing.

Friends since Kindy. Still very much best friends.
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