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Sydney June 2016

We arrived at the Novotel in Sydney and met the lovely Amanda. When we got to our room later we recieved this card for a free meal in the restaurant. I nearly cried at how kind this was.

View from our hotel

This is part of the reason we were here to begin with. Gretzky fever had started.

My lovely boys

No idea what this means!

Out for a little walk around Darling Harbour

There was a Mr Men expo on.

And Euan enjoyed the playground.

Lights went down.

Using our voucher in the hotel.

There is no food that makes me happier than prawns

Oysters for Neil!

We had a go at the Wheel... this one you can spin!


Off to the Cat Cafe

We had a kitten session booked.

New socks for Euan

And he would have bought a kitten if he could.

Went on the bus to Bondi. It was a mental bus driver. He was verbally confrontational with us when we got on the bus and thinking we could pay by cash he had a right go at us. He let us on (because Euan was in a wheelchair) but honestly he nearly made me cry. Then this mad old lady got on and together they abused every other driver on the road!

I dont know if Bondi would be a nice place to be homeless. I actually thought this quite sad.

Taking my new shoes for a walk.

Ok impulsive decision to get my first tattoo. What should I have... the only thing I dont think I could go off... Cats

It stung a bit

My little cat. Reminds me of Spigot.

Chips for lunch

Lockers at the beach

Then to Sydney Harbour and OMG it was cold and windy.

Dinner at Darling Harbour. Shellfish again!
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