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Ice Hockey Classic Sydney June 2016

Arrived to see Wayne Gretzky take to the ice

Blinged up with VIP and Media passes.

Hansen and Gretzky.

Kerry looks a bit worried here.

I think someone is having fun.

And a very cheeky look from Kerry there.

Kerry and Toni get an award... but its all a ploy to get Toni on stage.

Kerry gets down on one knee..

And proposes! We could not have been happier for these two amazing people.

Caren and Barry with the Hansons, jnr and snr!
Barry and Euan waiting for the off to get on stage.

Euan didnt know he was dropping the puck and was so nervous.

Here he goes...

Fantastic game.

Euan gets on the ice to see if he can do some skidding with his wheelchair.
Brilliant night.
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