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Wayne Gretzky Gala Lunch

People paid loads of money to attend this gala lunch with Wayne Gretzky. Euan was a guest of honour and I was photographing.
The room all set out and ready.
All the silent aution items.

Lovely pic of my two boys.

Euan managed to tap the American and Canadian Consulate up for their pins.

I love this photos
Met this lovely family on the right who made the day even more special.
Euan gets the puck he dropped signed by Mr Gretzky himself.

Happy boy.
Kerry doing his bits on stage.
The ever so gorgeous Toni.

Barry does his speech.

This is the smartest Euan has ever looked.
The interview.
A few photos with the idols of ice hockey.
I Love this picture too.

Euan got a Jersey... bit big for him!
The auction at the end was hilarious.
Fav photo of the night. Euan's God father Kerry.
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