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July and August Outings

Waiting at the Airport to fly back to Perth

This is the year that Euan will only pose like this in photos. Very annoying!


This woman, parks on the pavement in the staff carpart so I cant get the wheelchair into school. It ended up that she got told off by staff but she just started parking on the pavement in other off limits areas of the school.

When we returned from the UK, Neil had not brushed Spag, which meant he had terrible knots. He ended up having to be shaved.
This is what continuously happens to me. All the phones end up with me, in one place.
Celebrating the Olympics. Euan was disappointed to get Ireland!

My fav coffee house The Crooked Spire


Master E and Euan being loved at the dog park.

The craze of the day was Pokemon hunting.

Christina was an ace at it as well.

Master H and Euan

I have never seen so many people in Kings Park, and all chasing Pokemons. It was a bit mental actually.
A little video of the pics above.

Its cold in the house. So all animals seem to sleep with me!

Yellow Donuts and a 2016 Euan pose.

Trying to work.

Having cuddles with Laura

So now Euan has a phone I get to send him stuff... like me doing a Euan pose at the shops!
Euan's birthday party... starts with wrestling in the car with master E.
Bounce for the boys.
McDonalds after. I love this photo.

Loving his birthday present.
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