The Worlds Biggest Play group   


30th April 08

The Worlds Biggest Play group was a national event where all the play groups come together for a big party. It was extremely well put together with lots of freebee’s and so much for the kids to do. Euan's first experience of the day was putting on the policemans cap and coat and having a go in the police car.

After collecting our balloons and goody bags, the boys (Euan and Elliott) played the rice game and washed some dinosaurs.... GREAT FUN!

There was an african drumming circle, where all the kids (and some parents) let out all their pent up anger on the drums. Euan didn't like this section... he said it was ‘too noisy mum’.

I found myself obsessed all day with the number of abandoned push chairs, almost floating away with balloons.

There was a puppeteer with an extremely lifelike dog. Euan loved it, but immediately declared to the main ‘ its not real, your hands in it’. Nothing gets passed Euan.

The animal farm was the usual success. Elliott particularly loved it.

A couple of gorgeous shots of Elliot playing tiny tots tennis.

Euan absolutely loved the tennis. He was hitting the ball so hard, one of the instructors had to hold the equipment down.

Euan’s hand eye coordination continues to be a saving grace for Euan, as well as his muscle memory. He learns sporty things really easily.

The day ends with some complicated bubble making. Here is Euan thinking he has to blow to make the bubble... totally logical.