Around the garden   


April 08

A gorgeous photo of Euan, sand in hand, ready to throw.

The day of gardening starts with a play in bed.

Then off in the garden for some adventure. Euan starts his intrepid exploring by looking for pirates with the hose end!

He can now go too fast on his bike, but not quite ready for his stabilizers to come off.

Euan has deep brown eyes, just like his father. He loves looking in peoples eyes to see what colour they are.

Euan, having a little sing to himself!

The battle for the hose is a daily occurrence. Euan is desperate to help but his helping seems to drown my poor little seedlings.

After the watering, we take a walk around the garden. Euan loves an afternoon walk to see the kangaroos, to throw gum nuts, and to bash sticks on the ground... such a boy!

Neil, checking the parameter fence!