Anzac Day


25th April 08

Neil wants to spend the day with his chain saw preparing for fire ban to be lifted.

Euan helps Dad for a bit until Auntie Kerry rings, inviting us for a walk around Bells Rapid.

The river wasn;t as dry as previous months, but we could still quite easily climb over the rocks.

Lovely pic of Kerry and Ethan.

The dancers showing off their plie and arabesque.

Best friends Lauren and Paige show their thirteen year old spirit.

We took a walk along the river bank. Boys climbing and hitting things with sticks.

Lovely pic of Ethan caring that Euan’s legs are getting tired.

Then we found a rope swing.

We all had great fun, and the girls thought it all highly amusing.

Pooh Sticks...

Back across the bridge...

And tired legs!