Balloon ride over northan


sunday 6th April 08

Neil bought me a balloon ride for Valentine 2007, and its taken over a year to organize to do it... but it was worth the wait.

The day started at a very early 3.30am with a drive north to Northam. We then had over an hours wait until the majority of the fog had lifted.

Up through the mist and fog, until we poked our heads out the clouds. Truly beautiful.

The fog was live a duvet covering the earth, and I felt privileged to be the first to see the blue skies of the day.

The reflection off Neil's sunnies.

The red balloon, from the same company, followed us through out our balloon ride.

The shadow that the balloon cast, also made a rainbow circle.

It was so hot in the clouds, partly as the sun was blazing, and partly from the burner.

Love this one of Neil.

Our yellow and green balloon against the blue skies.

The balloon finished after an extremely smooth landing. We packed up the balloon and loaded it onto the trailer, went back to base for a full english breakie and some champagne... and it was only 9am!