Winter Play


Sunday 25th may 08

Now its winter we don’t have to be so concerned with snakes, so our outside fenced garden has become Euans most favorite place to explore.

Ethan, Euan and Paige find a borrow of some sort in the garden. Personally I didn't like the look of it.

A double rainbow across our valley at the back of our deck.

Kerry and Ethan watching a troop of Kangaroos.

Kerry looking pensive.

It started raining so we retreated in doors for a game of bee Hive.. a bit like Kerplunk! But Lauren and Paige had the most fun decorating her hair with the leafs.

Euan likes making a cubby house out of cushions. Here he is jumping from one side to another... such a boy!

Neil has spent the last two weekends burning.

This is Euan playing ‘Motor boats’. Don't ask me what he means but it involves dragging a stick in the mud.

A definite sign of winter is what looks like a robin.

Neil, trying to break a branch!