10th May 08

Feral and Carilley Estate


Euan has had a growing spurt, so we had to buy some new clothes. Here he is showing his new wears before going to the Feral Brewery for lunch.

Granddad sent Euan a new Emergency  play set shown here. When the box arrived, he described it as ‘big as a whale’!

A get together with the Robson family allowed us to try another winery, this time Carilley Estate. Really good meal and lovely garden.

Corretta, Ady, Callum and Elliott.

The kids chased each other round the garden, Callum the eldest directing, Euan trying to keep up and making sure Elliott was right behind him.

Typical Neil starts a game of spinnies. Don’t know who looks like they’re having more fun!

Euan is totally absorbed in flying Callum's plane.

Had to include this photo, although Neil is closing his eyes, as there are so few photos of us all.

A trip to the 2 buck shop kept the kids amused over lunch. The magnet fishing game and the hanging monkeys were a great hit.

Love that Euan is so concentrated on the job at hand!

Elliott is more content putting all the fish back in than taking them out.