Mundaring Fair


Sunday 16th March 08

We took a trip to Mundaring to sample a typical Aussie Fair- Fairy Floss and all.

Euan tucks in straight away to pure sugar.

Euan gives up on pure sugar, so I get my chance.

Hang on... sisters always steal the good things.

Neil and I waiting for Euan t get off the bouncy castle.

Mum and Sarah.

Mummy with Euan and Polly Spot the dog.

Euan gets to sit in a Fire Truck.

Mum says this reminds her of Dad’s pictures.

Then we went to Mundaring Weir for a walk.

Euan takes his gun which he won at the fair... ‘stick ‘em up mummy’.

Mum and I battering the wind.

The valley and pump house behind.

Mum says this is how she feels!